Wefts::tag_ThreadAndReturn Struct Reference
[OS Threading Level Abstraction.]

#include <wefts_os_base.h>

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Detailed Description

Utility structure to pass around a thread object along with its return.

As the only function able to know if a thread is detached, and that then can rightfully delete the thread object, is the cancellation cleanup handler, it is also the only function that is able to set the thread run return value member if the thread is NOT detached. To let the cleanup handler have this value, this structure holds a pointer to the thread and a pointer to the run return value (or zero, if the run() method had not a chance to return).

OSThreadBase::osRun() is responsible to fill correctly this value and let the cleanup routine have it.

Public Attributes

void * thread
void * runReturn

Member Data Documentation

void* Wefts::tag_ThreadAndReturn::runReturn

void* Wefts::tag_ThreadAndReturn::thread

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