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class  Wefts::MoaningThread
 A thread subclass supporting an arbitrary number of joiners. More...

class  Wefts::Thread
 Implements the abstraction of a thread. More...


Counter & Wefts::startedThreads ()
 Incremental counter of started threads.

virtual void Wefts::Thread::executionEnd ()
 Minimal thraed termination routines.


Counter Wefts::runningThreads
 Counter of currently active (or near-to-be active) threads.

Function Documentation

virtual void Wefts::Thread::executionEnd  )  [inline, private, virtual, inherited]

Minimal thraed termination routines.

This routine is executed at thread termination to ensure that all non class-dependant operations are done before cleanup() routine and the destructor calls.

This function marks the point after which the Wefts level thread object is not considered "running" anymore.

Reimplemented in Wefts::MoaningThread.

Counter & Wefts::startedThreads  ) 

Incremental counter of started threads.

It is used just in internal thread ID count for debugging or reporting purposes.

As it is used in constructors, it must be accessed via the "construct on first use" semantic. A function that constructs it on need is called.

Variable Documentation

Counter Wefts::runningThreads(1)

Counter of currently active (or near-to-be active) threads.

Initialized to 1: if we initialized it, the main thread is running...

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