Wefts::CleanupHandler Class Reference

#include <wefts_cleanup.h>

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Cleanup handler interface.

This is a pure abstract interface that is used to create classes that will handle cleanup requests at some point.

See also:
Cleanup system

Public Member Functions

virtual void handleCleanup (int code, void *caller=0)=0
 Callback method called on cleanup.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Wefts::CleanupHandler::handleCleanup int  code,
void *  caller = 0
[pure virtual]

Callback method called on cleanup.

When a thread is terminated (stopped or finished), and a cleanup request have been set, this method is called. Use the code parameter to decide what action among the possible ones must be taken.

code an integer that is passed to determine the kind of action to take
caller a pointer to the object that requested cleanup; this allows to create generic cleanup routines for several different classes, if the actions to take are somehow repetetive.

Implemented in Wefts::CondCleanup, Wefts::OSProcessBase, Wefts::CriticalSection, Wefts::MoaningThread, Wefts::OSProcessPthread, Wefts::OSProcessWin, Wefts::RingBuffer< _T >, Wefts::RRWMutex, Wefts::RWMutex, Wefts::Semaphore, Wefts::Subscription, and Wefts::XMutex.

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