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Wefts::OSConditionWindows Class Reference

This class implement an os-dependant condition. More...

#include <wefts_os_windows.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OSConditionWindows () throw ( InitError )
 ~OSConditionWindows ()
void signal ()
void signalOne ()
bool wait (OSMutexBase &mtx, CleanupItem &guard)
 Waiting for a condition (giving off an already held mutex).

bool timedWait (OSMutexBase &mtx, long seconds, long nanoseconds, CleanupItem &guard)
 Timed wait.

Private Attributes

HANDLE semBlockLock
HANDLE semBlockQueue
int nWaitersGone
int nWaitersBlocked
int nWaitersToUnblock

Detailed Description

This class implement an os-dependant condition.

Calls Windows dependant thread

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wefts::OSConditionWindows::OSConditionWindows  )  throw ( InitError )

Wefts::OSConditionWindows::~OSConditionWindows  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void Wefts::OSConditionWindows::signal  )  [virtual]

Implements Wefts::OSConditionBase.

void Wefts::OSConditionWindows::signalOne  )  [virtual]

Implements Wefts::OSConditionBase.

bool Wefts::OSConditionWindows::timedWait OSMutexBase mtx,
long  seconds,
long  nanoseconds,
CleanupItem guard

Timed wait.

Implements Wefts::OSConditionBase.

bool Wefts::OSConditionWindows::wait OSMutexBase mtx,
CleanupItem guard

Waiting for a condition (giving off an already held mutex).

Implements Wefts::OSConditionBase.

Member Data Documentation

CRITICAL_SECTION Wefts::OSConditionWindows::mtxUnblockLock [private]

int Wefts::OSConditionWindows::nWaitersBlocked [private]

int Wefts::OSConditionWindows::nWaitersGone [private]

int Wefts::OSConditionWindows::nWaitersToUnblock [private]

HANDLE Wefts::OSConditionWindows::semBlockLock [private]

HANDLE Wefts::OSConditionWindows::semBlockQueue [private]

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