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Wefts::CondCleanup Class Reference

Basic condition cleanup. More...

#include <wefts_cleancond.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CondCleanup ()
 Constructior; does effectively nothing.

virtual void handleCleanup (int code, void *caller=0)
 Cleanup handler for simple condition waits.

Detailed Description

Basic condition cleanup.

This simple class is used to simplify cleanup needs of basic conditions. If a condition wait is interrupted by a cancelation request, the mutex associated with the condition is acquired before the thread is canceled. A cleanup action must be taken in order to release it.

This class is provided to prevent application programmers to write repetitive extra-simple cleanup routine just in case there's no other thing to do except release the mutex in case of condition wait cancelation.

See also:
Cleanup system

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Wefts::CondCleanup::CondCleanup  )  [inline]

Constructior; does effectively nothing.

Member Function Documentation

void Wefts::CondCleanup::handleCleanup int  code,
void *  caller = 0

Cleanup handler for simple condition waits.

This method just releases the mutex of the condition passed in the caller parameter. This will work only on Condition classes and derived.

code ignored
caller FastCond item (or subclass) to be unlocked.

Implements Wefts::CleanupHandler.

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