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Wefts Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Wefts::BarrierProgrammable fence object
Wefts::CondClass implementing a condition variable
Wefts::CounterSyncrhonizable counter
Wefts::FastConditionFast mutex + condition structure wrapper
Wefts::MoaningThreadA thread subclass supporting an arbitrary number of joiners
Wefts::MutexImplements a very fast, non reentrant mutex
Wefts::RConditionReentrant mutex + condition structure wrapper
Wefts::ReferencedShared object between threads implementing reference count and self-cancelation
Wefts::RMutexThis is a reentrant mutex with spinlock
Wefts::RRWMutexThis is an advanced (and fully reentrant) read/write mutex
Wefts::RWMutexThis is a read/write mutex
Wefts::SubscriptionSubscribe/notify model abstraction
Wefts::ThreadImplements the abstraction of a thread

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