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Todo List

Class Wefts::OSMutexWindows
Use very low level Interlocked exchange to create a better mutex.

Member Wefts::OSSpecificDataPthread::OSSpecificDataPthread ()
add an exception rising on failure

Member Wefts::OSSpecificDataWindows::OSSpecificDataWindows ()
add an exception rising on failure

Member Wefts::OSThreadBase::enableCancel ()=0
write a low-level exception system.

Class Wefts::RingBuffer< _T >
variable lenght ringbuffers

Member Wefts::Thread::cleanup ()
tests about stability of cleanup in stress environment (pushing handlers from other threads. Has it any sense?).

Class Wefts::XMutex
write how a cancelable mutex can be used.

Group adv_sync
Write something about advanced syncronization objects

Group threads
Write something about thread objects objects

Page OS Threading Abstraction (and Independence) Layer
More description

Page How to use OS Cooperative File Function Extended Environment layer
Write a stream interface for OSFileFuncBase.

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