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Release notes

This is the verbatim copy of release notes for version 0.99b

                      Wefts++ Threading library 0.99b

                           - RELEASE NOTES -

                           Giancarlo Niccolai

This is a prelimiary test for 1.0 beta; currently, it seems to be pretty
working and complete, but it has not been tested yet, so it is considered
an ALPHA release.

What is in this version:

- Added parameter "caller" to handleCleanup() method of the CleanupHandler
  interface. Very important to create generic cleanup handlers.

- Added class CleanupItem; was formerly derived from std::pair

- Added class CondCleanup and global object BasicConditionCleanup that
  just unlocks the condition mutex, if used as parameter of 

- Added a method to retreive the internal mutex of a condition object.

- Bug fixes.

- Fixed some missing files to windows distro.

- Documentation updates and fixes.

- After many requests, here it comes Semaphore class!

As some projects of mine that should have involved Wefts++ have been slowed
down, and as adoption from public seems slow, I decided to delay version 1.0
beta of a couple of months.


Enjoy Wefting!

Giancarlo Niccolai

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