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Release notes

This is the verbatim copy of release notes for version 0.9.0

                      Wefts++ Threading library 0.99a

                           - RELEASE NOTES -

                          Giancarlo Niccolai

This is a prelimiary test for 1.0 beta; currently, it seems to be pretty
working and complete, but it has not been tested yet, so it is considered
an ALPHA release.

What is in this version:

- Added classes Stack and Queue: very basic, but useful synchronization

- Added the "COFFEE" (Cooperative File Function Extended Environment)
  layer: similar to OSTail, it adds a OSFileFunc class that has basic
  read()/write() functionality (plus a little utility to open/create/close
  and seek files in a multiplatform fashon) that allows to have reads() and
  writes() behaving as cancelation points even on those platform that
  do not provide an easy way to achieve interruptable I/O, or that do
  no provide it at all.

- Compilation under windows. Tests are working in an "omomorphic" fashon
  with respect to posix enabled system now. That is, you can really
  abstract multiplatform threading on both windows and unix/pthreads in
  a MORE radical way than with pth_win32. Anyhow nothing more than tests
  has been done now, so we need user experimentation in this field.

The only minor to do up to version 1.0 are more extensive tests both for
windows and unix and a little better documentation on both the OSTAIL and
OS-COFFEE issues.

Also, SmartStack and SmartQueue classes (with a little extended features,
but with some overhead) may come in the way before version 1.0, and Stack
and Queue may be derived from a common base class (they are now separated

Finally, there is a chance to extend the COFFEE model also to sockets,
but this option will require user interaction: currently socket models
is already pretty portable (under the IPv4 BSD socket library fashon), and
it may not require an extra wrapping in Wefts to be multiplatform-thread


Enjoy Wefting!

Giancarlo Niccolai

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